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Through "The Basics with Beth," Beth Jones is teaching the basics of God's Word to help you live a life you love and love the life you live! 


Billion Soul Network - Helping People Get The Basics

Kelsey Jones

This past week, Beth Jones has been working on something close to the heart of JBJ Ministries - that is, "helping people get the basics!" 

Recently, Rev. James O. Davis, Founder of Cutting Edge Ministry and Cofounder of the Billion Souls Network asked her to shoot a 15 session video course titled, "How to Teach the Basics" to help train and equip pastors and church leaders through the Global Church Learning Center - an Online Bible School that trains nearly 40,000 pastors around the world! Beth and the team just completed this project and are now editing each session. We are trusting God to use her course––and all the courses on the GCLC site––to equip thousands upon thousands of believers to grow in their faith and to fulfill the great commission!  For more information check out: