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Through "The Basics with Beth," Beth Jones is teaching the basics of God's Word to help you live a life you love and love the life you live! 


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12 Things You Can Change in 30 Days

Beth Jones

I discipline my body like an athlete, training it to do what it should.

1 Corinthians 9:27

How about a fun resolution for 2016?

I don't know why my family laughed hysterically when I told them one of my goals this year was to start working out. (As if they've never seen me in a gym? What? I've lived in the gym! Ok, so I was in the bleachers (the bleachers are in the gym!) cheering them on when they played sports...3-6 years ago, but still.)

When I defended my desire to set big goals and told them I wanted to work out every day...I wasn't surprised by their continued laughter––it was the mocking laughter that put a fire in my belly––as if. (Obviously, "every day" means - I would take Saturday and Sunday off.) Never mind that I haven't consistently worked out for the past 30 years. Can't a girl have a goal?

When they patronized me, "Mom...maybe you should try working out once a week, first?" I doubled down and joined a Jazzercise class and a new gym...that day. (It's on like Donkey Kong.)

Can I work out five days a week? You betcha...Jazzercise, Body Pump and Pilates here I come...and in a worst case scenario, if need be––lifting my Cafe Americano to my lips is going to count as a daily bicep curl workout.

So, what about you? What kinds of things do you want to start doing this year? What habits do you want to begin? What do you want to learn? Change? Improve? What goals do you want to achieve? No matter where your sights are set (and no matter who's laughing––even mocking) all things ARE still possible to those who believe...and those who put actions to their beliefs. 

Need some a system for reaching your goals? By God's grace, I'm implementing this "12 Things You Can Change in 30 Days" strategy in my life; I hope you're inspired to do the same! 

"12 Things You Can Change in 30 Days" 

Step 1: Decide on Twelve Things You Want to Change This Year. These things can include anything you want to improve, learn, see, experience or succeed in. 

Here are some examples...

Lose Weight and Get Fit

Get Closer to the Lord

Learn How to Create a Website

Be Nice and Love People Better

Eat Healthier Foods

Play Better Golf

Get a System for Being Organized

Start a Supplemental Income Business

Reach More People for Christ

Have Fun with My Kids or Grandkids

Get a Grip on the Basics (had to throw that one in!)

How in the world could you accomplish twelve things in one year?

Step 2: Assign One Month to Each of Your Twelve Things. For example, January = Lose Weight and Get Fit. February = Get Closer to the Lord. March = Learn How to Create a Website and so on. You will focus on one of your twelve things each month and by the end of the year you will have given focused attention to all twelve things.

Step 3: Do Something Every Day for 30 Days. Once you've got your twelve things selected and assigned each of them to a month––then every day of the month do something that moves you towards reaching that goal. If you focus on just one of your goals each month––and then do something related to that goal, every day for 30 days––you could reach your goal! (Or at least make huge strides towards it!)

Here's an idea on how to put this in to practice.

January: Get Fit

Day 1: Join Jazzercise and a Gym.

Day 2-5: Go to Jazzercise or the Gym.

Day 6-7: Lift Cafe Americano to lips and call it a Bicep Curl. (See above for disclaimer.)

Days 8-31: Repeat Days 1-7

Ta-da: By the end of is your middle name.

Step 4: Do Steps 1, 2 and 3 Every Month For The Year. Easy peasy. We can do this!

Keep me posted on your goals and I'll update you on my workout plan!

Say It, “Father, help me to discipline myself this year. Thank you in advance for helping me see change in my life––30 days at a time. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”