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Through "The Basics with Beth," Beth Jones is teaching the basics of God's Word to help you live a life you love and love the life you live! 


I can't wait for you to start enjoying The Basics Daily Devo!

I know an exciting little secret...when you get the basics of God’s Word, your faith will be strengthened and you'll be equipped to unlock your God-given potential and live a life you feel good about: a life connected to God, a life where you belong and matter to those around you, a life that is full of joy and laughter and a successful life that allows you to makes a generous dent in eternity. This is a life worth living!

Every morning you'll receive a faith-filled shot in the arm to equip you with the basics you need to live the life you'll love!

Here's what you can expect each week:

Monday through Friday: Fresh, fun and empowering Bible basics to build your faith and impact your life in practical ways. Whether it's a short Bible-based devotional, a funny image to brighten your day or to post on your social meda, a link to our podcast or a nugget of truth -- you will be strengthened, inspired and challenged in the basics of your faith.

Here’s to fulfilling your God-given potential!

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Audience of One

Jennifer Cole

"The fear of human opinion disables; trusting in GOD protects you from that." Proverbs 29:25, Message

Living for an “audience of One” is the secret to being truly free. When we live to please the Lord and walk in a manner worthy of Him…that's all that really matters. 

Let’s take a moment to look at the opposite of that...what if we live with the constant fear of human opinion? Well, when we are overly concerned about what others think -- whether we meet with their approval or disapproval -- our judgment becomes blurred and we veer from our core values. When we find ourselves saying or doing things merely to please people, or not saying and not doing certain things to please people, we become men-pleasers rather than God-pleasers. Bottom line is this type of fear disables us from walking in the kind of life God wants for us.

So, what do we do? Seek God's approval and accept the fact that we'll never have a 100% approval rating from others. Be okay with that. Don't be disabled by the opinions of others...instead, trust the Lord and accept these truths:

1. Some people like you; some people don’t.
2. Some people admire and respect you; some people despise and hate you.
3. Some people agree with you; some people like to argue with you.
4. Some people encourage you; some people criticize and tear you down.
5. Some people rejoice with you; some people rain on your parade.
6. Some people are thrilled with the changes in your life; some people dismiss it.
7. Some people love to see you break out of stereotypical paradigms; some people get mad.
8. Some people approve of your spouse, kids, hair, clothes, hobbies, style; some people dislike the whole package.
9. Some people see your potential; some people are threatened by it.
10. Some people are happy when you're blessed and successful; some people are jealous.

Let's go for the praise that comes from God! If you've found the opinions of others disabling you -- make a change today. Trust in the Lord. When you are confident and clear in your heart that your decisions, actions and words are pleasing to the Lord then move forward...full steam ahead!

Say This: “Father, thank You that Your opinion of me is the one the truly counts. Help me to live my life in a way that pleases You and not to be overly concerned with the opinions of others. Thank  You that I know Your voice and it’s the voice I choose to follow! In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”