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Through "The Basics with Beth," Beth Jones is teaching the basics of God's Word to help you live a life you love and love the life you live! 


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More Than Once

Jennifer Cole

There must be something about hearing that is a big deal. Jesus said many times, “He who has ears to hear, let him hear.” That seems straightforward...but did you know that we tend to hear in “layers?” For example, maybe you go to the theatre to watch a newly released movie. Then, later when it’s released on DVD or on-demand, you watch it again. In that second viewing, you notice things you hadn’t noticed the first time. And, I’d be willing to guess that after a third viewing, you’d catch even more of the details.

Why is this important? If we hear in layers, then we need to make it a point to hear God’s Word many times over. Each time we hear -- if we’re truly tuned in, engaged and listening with our ears and our spirit inside -- we’ll hear more and more nuggets of truth to apply to our lives.

Remember the parable about the four types of soil? Let’s revisit it here with a fresh take on the power of hearing...and hearing...for a moment: 

“One day Jesus told a story…‘A farmer went out to plant his seed. As he scattered it across his field, some seed fell on a footpath, where it was stepped on, and the birds ate it. Other seed fell among rocks. It began to grow, but the plant soon wilted and died for lack of moisture. Other seed fell among thorns that grew up with it and choked out the tender plants. Still other seed fell on fertile soil. This seed grew and produced a crop that was a hundred times as much as had been planted!’ When he had said this, he called out, ‘Anyone with ears to hear should listen and understand.’” (Luke 8:4-8, NLT)

And then Jesus provided the interpretation as well:

“‘This is the meaning of the parable: The seed is God’s word. The seeds that fell on the footpath represent those who hear the message, only to have the devil come and take it away from their hearts and prevent them from believing and being saved. The seeds on the rocky soil represent those who hear the message and receive it with joy. But since they don’t have deep roots, they believe for a while, then they fall away when they face temptation. The seeds that fell among the thorns represent those who hear the message, but all too quickly the message is crowded out by the cares and riches and pleasures of this life. And so they never grow into maturity. And the seeds that fell on the good soil represent honest, good-hearted people who hear God’s word, cling to it, and patiently produce a huge harvest.” (Luke 8:11-15, NLT)

The first time we hear God’s Word, it may be like the footpath -- it’s so new to us, that it would be easy for the enemy to snatch it away if we don’t take further action to truly move that Word deeper into our heart. 

Maybe we hear the Word or sermon again, and receive it with joy, but it still doesn’t have very deep roots when temptation comes calling, we fall away from that truth. 

Then, the next time we hear it, it’s still pressured out by the distracting cares of this world. 

BUT when we hear the Word yet again (for the 4th time!) -- and cling to it, store it deep within our heart and sprinkle on patience and faith -- that’s when it produces a harvest in our lives!

So, don’t be afraid to listen to the same message/sermon and The Basics With Beth TV episode more than once...don’t hesitate to read the same Scriptures, devo and faith-filled book more than once. Be encouraged -- there are layers of “hearing” and the more you can hear and lean into God’s Word, the more you will glean from it!

Say This: "Father, thank You that Your Word is rich and full of layers. I will press in, lean in and listen intently -- several times over -- to make sure I catch all the truth that You have for me in a message, sermon, Scripture, etc. Help me to listen until Your Word goes deep into my heart, so it can truly produce a great harvest! In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”