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what if I don't "feel" saved?

Tara Farrell

In last week’s devo, the subject of eternity took center stage. We shared the qualitativeand quantitative aspects of eternal life, which Jesus bought for us on the cross, and that choosing to make Jesus our Lord gives us that eternal life!

Now, what happens next is something that’s probably not talked about enough….when you get saved (born again, ask Jesus to come into your heart), one thing the enemy (the devil, Satan) likes to do is try to knock down your assurance of salvation. He’ll come at you with thoughts about not being worthy of God and His salvation. He will try to discourage you, try to cast doubt with thoughts like “you didn’t really pray that prayer,” and a variety of other such false ideas. Be alert to those tactics and stand firm in knowing you are saved.

>> How can we know FOR SURE that we’re Christians, that we’re saved?

Here’s the secret...knowing that you’re a Christian is NOT centered on emotion or on intellect. At its core, the decision to ask Jesus to be your Lord is a choice of your will. Why is it important to understand that? Well, sometimes in any given moment, you may “feel” the Lord’s presence. But, there will be other times you don’t feel His presence. That doesn’t mean He is any less present with you. After all, what we feel doesn’t dictate the reality of His presence. Similarly, sometimes we understand God’s ways with our intellect, our reasoning. But let me tell you, friends -- many times we won’t! That’s what this exciting life of faith is all about...we don’t have to have it all figured out, we just have to trust in the One who does!

If feelings and intellect aren’t our assurance of salvation, what is? Once we’ve made the choice to ask Jesus to be our Lord, then we have our assurance of salvation by standing on God’s Word. His Word is full of His promises -- the facts -- which are what remains and are everlasting. We KNOW we have salvation by looking at the facts of God’s Word.

His Word is full of facts to base our assurance of salvation on. Let’s look at a few! 1 John 5:11-13 tells us the fact that if we have the Son, we have eternal life. John 1:12 which assures us of the fact that those who receive Jesus are children of God. Add into that 2 Corinthians 5:17, where we learn the fact that in Christ we are a new creation. We can see that God clearly states the facts of our salvation and we choose to put our faith in those facts.

>>Do you see the emphasis of basing your faith on the facts?

It’s worth noting that are two things vying for your faith each day...facts and feelings. You get the choice to put your faith in the feelings or in the facts of God’s Word. But y’all, can you see what a slippery slope it becomes to put your faith in feelings? Feelings come and go, they can be turned on a dime by a conversation or Facebook post, or even by the weather. If you put your faith in how you “feel,” you will live a roller-coaster Christian life, where sometimes you “feel” saved and other times you don’t.

That’s no way to live...there’s so much more God wants for you! When you connect your faith to facts, specifically the facts of God’s Word -- the Truth, His promises -- then the circumstances of life, social media and the stormy forecast can’t change what you know to be true. Your assurance of salvation rests in what He says about you and that provides a firm foundation to walk out your life with Him. 

Say This: “Father, I know that I’ve asked Jesus into my heart and confessed You as my Lord and Savior. I know that I am saved, and I choose to stand on the facts of what You say in Your Word, rather than putting any trust in feelings. Thank You that I am a child of God and born again! In Jesus’ Name. Amen.”