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Through "The Basics with Beth," Beth Jones is helping people to live the life they love and love the life they live. Get the basics to live an empowered life!

Getting a Grip on the Basics


Getting a Grip on the Basics


Getting a Grip on the Basics


God wants every believer to be established in the basics! This classic workbook has helped thousands of Christians around the world get a grip on the basics of their faith. Written by Christian author Beth Jones, this is a perfect book for new, young and mature believers who want a refresher in their faith. This book is also excellent as church curriculum and for Bible study! 

"I have been a Christian since 1972 so I thought I knew the basics inside and out. While my knowledge level was good my revelation level was sorely lacking! What a blessing to revisit the basics and get a real grip on walking with God! I gained insight that has catapulted me to a whole new level with Christ.Thank you for providing us with such great teaching materials."


This workbook covers:

  •  How to Become a Christian
  •  How to Be Sure You are a Christian
  •  How to Develop Your Relationship w/ God
  •  How to Talk to God
  •  How to Hear From God
  •  How to Obey God
  •  How to Experience God's Love and Forgiveness
  •  How to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit
  •  How to Be Sure You are Filled with the Spirit
  •  How to Grow and Develop Your Faith
  •  How to Experience the Abundant life
  •  How to Be an Overcomer
  •  How to Serve God
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