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Through "The Basics with Beth," Beth Jones is teaching the basics of God's Word to help you live a life you love and love the life you live! 



God is doing great things around the world and we are thankful He's using JBJ books to help people get the basics! Here are a few testimonies...

DM & SM - United Kingdom

I have been a Christian since 1972 so I thought I knew the basics inside and out.  While my knowledge level was good my revelation level was sorely lacking! What a blessing ti revisit the basics and get a real grip on walking with God! I gained insight that had catapulted me to a whole new level with Christ."


"The 7 Basics book helped people moved to new levels in their walk with Christ. We use this resource for all of those who accept Christ into their life. It's a great tool."

- Michigan

"We are in our second week with the Getting a Grip on the Basic of Serving God after recently finishing Getting a Grip on the Basics. The testimonies are wonderful from all of our home cell groups (Access Groups is what we call them). The content in the book is reaffirming to our members that they are in a" live and moving"church where Jesus is the focus and permitted to have His way. Many are excited to discover their spiritual gifts and how God wants to use them in the Body. Revelation and insight is flowing among the people because of the Serving God series. The Getting a grip on the Basics books have been extremely instrumental in bring our congregation together and enhancing their knowledge of the Word while encouraging them to be doers and not hearers only. Thank you for your spirit of excellence and your willingness to share it with the Body of Christ."

- Georgia

"Our church has been transformed by the great teachings in the book Getting a Grip on the Basics. We started a new believers class and these books have been a great blessing to us. New believers have learned how to pray, read, and study the Bible. Their faith has grown and they have learned how to be a witness for Christ."

- Uganda

It is definitely a beginner's roadmap to assist in the new journey they are on. It lays it out very simple and is easy to comprehend, and believers are equipped with enough information to excite their heart to the Bible and the things of God.


I have a very encouraging testimony for you that comes from the Women of Faith study of Getting a Grip on the Basics of Serving God. All the ladies were very blessed and encouraged by the Word. There is one lady from Uzbekistan who will be leaving for the summer and she intends to teach this course to her local church members there. We also had a cell group campaign where we used your Grace for the Pace workbook (JBJ Note: GFP now titled: Energy) and the whole church was greatly blessed by it as Shanghai is a very fast paced society. Thank you for writing all of these great materials.


Our church loves the 7 Basics. We use the books for our altar call process and give them to anybody who desires to have a deeper relationship with Christ. We have them both in the sanctuary and at the info center. I myself read the 7 Basics one day and thoroughly enjoyed it. The content is so rich! Here at Calvary Church, we love the 7 Basics. 


We are reaching and teaching many new believers with Getting A Grip! We are raising up a bigger and better army for Jesus because of your ministry!! God Bless! Our ministry is all about helping pastors, ministers and leaders to connect and train the body of Christ. The church needs Getting a Grip on the Basics, the foundation to serve, share and be all God called us to be. Discipleship is the key… Thank you Pastor Beth Jones for all the support and input you are providing into different countries. 

-Central America

I started my walk with God with Get a Grip on the Basics!! We had church on Saturday nights at that time, but I did it in a home group every Sunday morning.