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Through "The Basics with Beth," Beth Jones is teaching the basics of God's Word to help you live a life you love and love the life you live! 


TV Testimonies

I just had the privilege of watching your testimony on TV. So many beliefs I had with my own self-righteousness have been shown clear to me. I need Jesus. Why wait to say yes to Jesus you asked? I now know the truth and you can’t ‘untruth’ yourself!
Rochelle P. from USA

I watched Beth and “the basics” for the first time on TV last evening. Found it very down to earth, just the facts without all the ‘religious’ attachments. I look forward to experiencing more.
Mike M. from USA

I love your style and practical application to God’s Word. I am a grandma in years and young in Christianity and I’m just beginning to really live my God-given life. I saw you on TV and you caught my attention because of your practical and very relatable style of teaching.
Judith J. from USA

I watched your teachings on Faith Africa (TV network) and I was super joyous in my spirit. You carry an outstanding aura of divine joy. I’m so sure my life will be exponentially transformed through these teachings.
Ojo L. from Nigeria

I finally understood from your show tonight that God just loves me...thank you!
Julie B. from USA

Watched Beth for the first time on TV and was captured. I am so excited and can’t wait to learn more.
Vicky C. from South Africa

Sincere greetings from Eastern Uganda! We had an opportunity to watch you on TV and our hearts were taken over by your spirit-filled messages and prayers. You are a most excellent pastor and spiritual mom to the world.
Wandera M. from Uganda

I really love how you teach! You are so understandable and you help us make sense of everything. Well done, this is so awesome. Love you guys so much all the way from Aussie land.
Penny B from Australia

I just watched one of your TV programs about believing that God loves me and it was inspiring.
Eghosa A. from Nigeria

Praise God for you Beth Jones! Thanks for being an inspirational Bible teacher! I thank the Holy Spirit for breathing new life into my dreams again!
Collette F. from USA

Can’t get enough of your old fashioned, real, practical and SCRIPTURAL Bible basics! Thank you for your faithful ministry.
Katherine I. from USA

I never was taught from ‘the basic’ perspective and it is great! My son and I are both loving it...this will be so helpful to him.
Barbara D. from USA