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Through "The Basics with Beth," Beth Jones is teaching the basics of God's Word to help you live a life you love and love the life you live! 

About Beth



For the past 30 years, Beth Jones has been helping people learn the basics of faith––through writing, speaking and co-pastoring with her husband, Jeff. Through The Basics With Beth, she and the BWB team are passionate and focused on helping people get the Bible basics, to live the joyful, faith-filled life and to do the eternal stuff! 

As an author, Beth has written more than 20 books aimed at helping people get the basics! More than 250,000 copies of her flagship book, "Getting a Grip on the Basics" have been sold in America and thousands more have been distributed in more than 19 foreign languages around the world. She also writes The Basics Weekly Devo blog (free to sign up!)

As a speaker, Beth teaches the basics in a down-to-earth, humorous and practical way through her weekly podcast and via "The Basics With Beth TV" — which airs on Hillsong Channel, CTN, Family Broadcasting Corporation, TBN Nejat in the Middle East and on Smart TV platforms including Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Android TV. In addition, she is a regular speaker at Valley Family Church.

When it comes to combining writing and speaking to make disciples and resource other who make disciples, Beth founded The Basics University — a growing, online video-based discipleship platform with over 4500 subscribers.

Beth and her husband Jeff are the founders (since 1991) and Senior Pastors of Valley Family Church in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where they minister to thousands of people each week. Together, they have raised four kids who are actively involved in ministry and are now starting their own families. 

Beth received her BA in Communication from Boston University in Boston, MA and received her ministry training at Rhema Bible Training Center in Tulsa, OK. She is licensed and ordained through RMAI.



East Coast Believers Church

9/21 - Women’s Conference
9/22 - Weekend Services
Oviedo, FL

Valley Family Church
All October Weekend Services
Kalamazoo, MI

Alive Family Church
10/12 - Women’s Refresh Event
Brighton, MI

Footsteps of Jesus & Paul Cruise
10/29 - 11/13
Rome, Italy; Athens, Greece; Ephesus, Turkey; Jerusalem, Israel


What motivates us to take the basics of God's Word to people around the world? Why does The Basics With Beth exist? We are motivated by the internal passion, compassion and sense of urgency from the Lord to “go ye” into all the world and reach people for Him! We are tired of seeing the devil eat people’s lunches because they don’t know the basics of the Bible. We realize we are up against a very distracted culture and we know we have our work cut out for us as we face a worldwide epidemic of “biblical illiteracy.” As it turns out, many Christians aren’t reading their Bibles and it’s easy to see the fruit of that throughout the world.

Listen to this…

- A recent study by Lifeway Research found that only 45% of those who regularly attend church read the Bible more than once a week.
- If that’s not bad enough, what’s worse is that 1 in 5 churchgoers say they never read the Bible! (Did you catch that? NEVER.)
- A recent poll by the Barna Research group found that 12% of adults actually believe that Joan of Arc was Noah’s wife.
- Among a group of graduating high school seniors over 50% thought Sodom & Gomorrah were a husband & wife couple.
- A large majority thought Billy Graham was the one who preached the Sermon on the Mount.

It would be funny if it weren’t so sad…

So, can you see why it's crucial we do our part to take the basics of the Bible to as many people as possible? Thank you for connecting with The Basics With Beth and linking arms with us in this important mission. If you’d like to partner with us financially, we sure could use your help! Click here to join our Basics Ninja Warrior financial partners team to help us take the basics to the world.


In addition to working with hundreds of churches, bookstores and organizations around the world,
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